Cozying up with Fashion Designer and Project Runway Season 8 contestant, Casanova.

15 Oct

I recently got a chance to cozy up with one of my favorites
from the Project Runway series (season 8), Casanova. It was thrilling to get
into his world, see how he works, catch-up on what he’d been up to in the past
year or so, since the season wrapped, etc.

Casanova is very fascinating as one would imagine and, so
gracious. We could have talked forever. As those familiar with my video
interviews on Yapping know, typically they’re snippets — short pieces, but with
Casanova, doing an extemporaneous piece (as my interviews typically are) meant
it would have been unfair to limit ourselves on time. There was so much and more we could have chatted about. And thus, it’s the longest in
my series—roughly 20 mins. But it was a lot of fun, indeed. Hope you enjoy it.

One Response to “Cozying up with Fashion Designer and Project Runway Season 8 contestant, Casanova.”

  1. Joy, AKA Mom October 16, 2011 at 10:19 am #

    Absolutely fantastic and mesmerizing interview!!!!

    The rapid-fire chat/interview is extremely entertaining. The listener is well entertained throughout. Not one boring moment!!!!!

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